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911 N Tucker Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63101

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911 N Tucker Blvd , 63101, Saint Louis,
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Base Information

Rooms: 10
Bed: 2
Living Areas: Office, Family, Kitchen, Bedroom, Storage, Utility

Parking Information

Parking: 3
Garage description: Single Car Attached Garage

Building Information

House Style: Historic Row House
House Construction: Historic Brick
Exterior Finish: Historic Brick
Roof: Shingle
Flooring: Hardwood & Tile
Built on: 1890
Remodeled on: 2016
Number of Floors: 3
Floor area (Lower): 2450
Floor area (Main Level): 1920
Floor area (Upper): 975
Floor area (Total): 6203

Basement & Foundation

Basement & Foundation: Storage
Basement size: 858

Land Information

Square feet: 6203 sqft
Lot Size: 2450 sqft
Majestic historical original St Louis Row House at prestigious 911 N Tucker St Louis MO 63101 dual zoned commercial & residential lease with beautiful office, gallery and living spaces downtown off Washington Ave.

Get 6,200sqft of urban living, loft, business, gallery, retail space downtown across from the St. Louis Post‑Dispatch for only $425,000! Dual Zoned Business Space With Attached High-End Living Space. Built around 1840, the 911 N Tucker property is one of St Louis' last remaining historic row houses and pivotal architectural rock of the downtown city urban area. Located one block north of Washington Ave on Tucker, 911 N. Tucker is a newly remodeled split connected commercial & residential property offering unique advantages for office & galleries! Zoned commercial & residential.

History & Interesting Facts

 911 N Tucker is a Saint Louis City Landmark titled: A 19th Century House

911 N Tucker aka Stagger Lees Lid Club, and its surround row houses have stood their ground since 1840 experiencing a plethora of historical happenings and strange occurrences including famous musicians, artists, politicians and troublemakers. 911 N Tucker is the last remaining Saint Louis Federal architecture row-house building from that era when the area was a bustling densely packed residential neighborhood. Used as housing for the firm tradition of immigration, this location was once home to German, Jewish, Italian, Polish and a plethora of other Europeans as they built this city. The types of people who lived in these houses during that time included: working-class newlyweds, racetrack jockeys, vaudeville workers, saloon owners, and a politically-involved class of young African American men.

The Legend of Stacker Lee: The story of Stacker Lee has taken on the status of legend in American culture. The story was perhaps first told by vaudeville musicians in St. Louis when Stacker Lee was still making headlines. As the story of Stacker Lee made it down the Mississippi, facts became exaggerated, until the man became larger than life. The original nickname Stacker Lee went through several mutations: Stacker Lee, Stackerlee, Stack Lee, Stagger Lee, Stagolee. In the stories about Stacker Lee, he is portrayed as the ultimate evil man, a man concerned only with his survival – a man with no morals. He lacks empathy and shows no remorse, even after shooting a man dead. The stories say that Stacker Lee “ran the town” and that he was so intimidating that he was given a second trial because the judge was afraid to convict him. Some versions of the story say that Stacker Lee was eviler than the Devil himself. Songs about Stacker Lee have poor Billy Lyons begging for his life when accosted by the terrible Stacker Lee. Read More About Stacker Lee...

Many through history have claimed to have seen the ghosts of Stagger Lee and Billy Lyon stalking the neighborhood...

In 1923 911 Tucker was the location of a speakeasy, boarding house and rumored bordello owned by Salvatore “Sam” Domenico. It was over the 50 years of his ownership the surround Federal-style rowhouses were torn down to create the now existing St Louis Post-Dispatch parking lots. 

In 1979 a restaurant took up classy surroundings as the building itself was added to the St Louis City Landmark List #106

In the 80s-90s the location was the St Louis City Police Mounted Division Unit Headquarters with original stables.

In 2013, 911 N Tucker was the site of the Rowhouse Gallery of artist Drew Wojcik. The property was remodeled then accenting its historical charm and immerse St Louis aesthetic appeal. 

In 2016 Remodel STL remodeled the interior and exterior including a full southern three-story wall rebuild to historical standards. This historic remodel included many corrections, upgrades and style additions including hardwood flooring is now throughout, remodeled bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial area and living areas.

Want to be written into the pages of Saint Louis history? Contact Us About 911 Tucker!


Residential Living Space

2nd floor- 1920sqft | 3rd floor- 975sqft- Total- 2895sqft 

  • Connected to the commercial side through the interior
  • Amazing Views of City
  • Private Spacious Living
  • 2 Floors (2nd & 3rd floors)
  • Heartbeat of City At Doorsteps
  • Minute Walk From Everything STL
  • Connected Residential Loft
  • Live Seconds From Work Fully
  • Remodeled Kitchen, Bath, Flooring, Structure and Paint
  • Historic Architecture Thought-Out 
  • Stylish Modern Living, Historic Charm Hard
  • Wood & Tile Flooring
  • Unique Loft Living Space
  • Dual Central Air & Heat
  • Warehouse Storage Space- 858sqft Free! $0 sqft/yr
  • Large Basement Storage Cool & Dry Safe & Secure

Commercial Office Space 

1st Floor 2450 sqft  

  • Connected to the residential side through the interior
  • Dual Office & Living Space Front Offices
  • Zoned Commercial & Residential (Attached)
  • Access Hundreds of People on Foot
  • Access Thousands In Cars
  • Two Commercial Bathrooms
  • Large Gathering Area
  • Historic Stables
  • Utility Areas
  • Attached Garage
  • Dual Central Air & Heat
  • Fully Remodeled Bath, Flooring, Structure, and Paint
  • Dual zone HVAC systems separate temp control
  • Gas/Electric/Water all metered to one account to simplify bookkeeping!
  • Ruff In Ready or turnkey!
  • Construction Credits Available From Remodel STL! 
  • Historic Architecture Thought-Out 
  • Stylish Modern Living, Historic Charm
  • Hardwood Flooring

Heavy Construction Elements & 2017 Remodeling of Major Systems

Modern updated commercial HVAC unit installed in the basement

Full historical roof rebuilt with period styles, flashing and a complete overhaul

Rebuilt Southern wall to historical specs

Tuckpointing & masonry modernizations

Zoned residential & commercial, this nicely appointed historic loft feathers a large office, reception, back office, party, entertaining, art gallery-like feel. This property would be perfect for a lawyer or artist who appreciates the urban nightlife and lifestyle and wants significant visual presence and heavy car/foot traffic.

Historic Exterior Remodel

Historic full three-story brick rebuild exposing newly mortared masterful brickwork adding increased ascetics and appeal. For More Information, Visit Remodel STL


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 General Amenities:
Internet/TV Ready,
 Appliance Amenities:
Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Gas Range/Oven,
 Energy Savings Amenities:
Energy Saving Design,
 Exterior Amenities:
Garage, Exterior Lighting,
 Interior Amenities:
Central Air, Wood Floors, Gas Fireplace, Granite Counters,
 Security Amenities:
Burglar Alarm,